The Focus of Capital Pursuit of the Competitive Business Model in the O2O Market of Cargo

China Logistics News Network: Since 2014, the call for the transformation of the traditional freight industry on the mobile Internet has swept the entire industry. The corresponding hundreds of freight APPs have emerged in competition with each other.
(May 2016) After springing up in 2014 and building a stronger market for gunfire in 2015, freight forwarding O2O companies finally reached a relatively stable stage of development at the end of 2015, in trunk transport. Some companies such as truck gangs, Yunzhuo, Lujing, Fuyou trucks basically occupy the entire trunk O2O market; In the distribution of urban areas, companies such as cloud bird technology, easy to sell, blue rhinoceros, fast send, and 58 fast transport have shown their edge; Relatively speaking, the competition in urban regional distribution is still in a very stimulating state. Of course, there are also many excellent companies in other areas of road logistics. The rules of the industry have not yet appeared, and what will be the direction of subsequent development?
Since 2014, mobile Internet reform of the traditional freight industry has been overwhelming the entire industry, corresponding to hundreds of freight APPs emerged, a "hundred big battle" staged.
(I) The same business model
The business model can be said to be the original intention of the establishment of an enterprise. A good business model can not only point the way for the development of the enterprise, but also the key point for the enterprise to obtain capital investment.
(1) Truck integrated service platform model for truck gangs
Trucks connect drivers and cargo owners through the Internet, and work hard in the post-truck service market to show their own value and gain economic benefits. At present, it is known that the truck gang has been involved in vehicle and cargo matching, intelligent logistics park operation, logistics smart hardware development, logistics finance and other related road logistics infrastructure platform construction related business.
(2) Full Mobile Internet Information Service Platform
It is full of hope to build a comprehensive information service platform through mobile Internet technology, build a credit database for the road logistics industry through cloud computing and big data, and realize value-added services through credit management, such as finance and truck back service markets.
(3) Fuyou Truck-Cargo Transport UBER + Taobao
Fuyou trucks are relatively different from the above two. Fuyou trucks control the vehicles by docking freight brokers(often referred to as information intermediaries), and then directly dock the cargo owners, becoming an integrated supplier of sales capacity. In order to improve the efficiency of logistics to play its own value.
From the point of view of the above three business models, it can be said that the essence is the same, that is, the basic resources(ie, vehicles and goods) are gathered through the matching of vehicles and goods, and then embedded in value-added services(finance, post-truck services, business services, etc.). Even if the initial business model is different, the business model gradually tends to converge in the competition, and the process of competing with each other is also the process of learning from each other. But no one thought that in the first step of the competition(gathering car sources, sources) will be so difficult, everyone can only take the shortcut-burning money subsidies.
(II) The darling of capital
In the trillions of market, the capital world can not calm down, already smelled this big cake. Therefore, companies have received more or less investment, learning the subsidy method in the field of travel that year, in order to cultivate user habits, speed up the pace of the transformation of the traditional logistics industry on the Internet, and the war on burning money is imminent.
Some people in the industry have made preliminary statistics on the financing of O2O for freight transportation. As shown in the table, it is clear from the two-page A4 financing chart that capital is very fond of O2O for freight transportation. Hundreds of millions of dollars in financing are not an exception. In short, capital has intensified the intensity of the war. After a series of battles, many companies eventually fell and many companies were forced to transform.

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