China Railway's total transformation and upgrade to cope with the decline in freight

Railway freight volume is an important indicator in "Keqiang Economics". When the bulk goods such as iron ore, coal and other raw materials are gradually replaced by power power and even higher value-added products, the transformation and upgrading of a country will become an inevitable trend.
At 9:30 a.m. on April 16th, two special trains of Haier Electric Appliances were also dispatched from the Hefei North Railway Station cargo yard and Jinan Lushan Station, and they went to Urumqi and Harbin thousands of miles away.
On the same morning, at the headquarters of Qingdao Haier Group in Shandong Province, Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway Corporation, and Zhang Ruimin, chief executive officer of Haier Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. China Railway will always operate Haier Electric's special needs train for Haier Group in many places across the country. This is the first time that China Railway Corporation has customized a special freight transport service for enterprises.
Zhouyunjie, chairman of Haier group, said the cooperation would bring together the road network and the railway network, create a new model of "public rail transport", and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, which is a model of linkage between the two industries.
"This general logistics service model will be rolled out in other business areas. On April 18, the relevant person in charge of the China Railway General Transportation Bureau told the 21st Century Economic Report that as long as the logistics demand is networked and cross-regional, it is possible to negotiate and cooperate with the China Railways. "We are open to this.".
Before and after the "total to total" model was released
Haier Group is a world-renowned home appliance company. Its domestic production bases are located in Qingdao, Hefei, Wuhan and other places. Sales outlets are also spread all over the country. It is reported that the total annual logistics demand is 25 million cubic meters, mainly taking road transportation and shipping. The railway transportation is minimal.
People inside the China Railway Corporation told reporters that the railway has always wanted to win such high-quality customers as Haier. On February 4th, when Sheng Guangzu investigated the Jinan Railway Bureau, he proposed to strengthen strategic cooperation with leading enterprises such as Haier Group to promote Qingdao Railway Logistics to accelerate its transformation and development. Soon, on February 22, the Railway Corporation held a special meeting on strengthening the railway and Haier Group to establish a "total total" logistics service model. Subsequently, the Transport Bureau of the Railway General Company and the Jinan Railway Bureau, together with the China Railway Express Co., Ltd., jointly went to the Haier Group to negotiate with the Haier Group for several logistics service packages.
In the process of communication with Haier Group, China Railway has always made additional investments to meet the transportation requirements of Haier appliances, increased equipment, adopted container shipments, and used special equipment to load and unload, which greatly reduced the cargo breakage rate. In addition, the adjustment of freight routes has greatly shortened the time limit for transportation. In addition, the iron company will also build a railway line for Haier Industrial Park, further shorten the delivery time, and finally obtain the approval of the Haier Group. The two sides reached an agreement to open Haier appliances. Special need trains.

Shengguowei, deputy director of the freight Department of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, explained to the 21st Century Economic Report reporter that the special needs class is for production and manufacturing processing enterprises or trade, logistics enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and operates according to the special transportation needs of customers. Trains that mainly transport scattered goods. Due to the special customization, the reduction of the reorganization of intermediate dismantling goods, and the fact that these special needs trains carry more than 160 kilometers or 120 kilometers per hour, the damage rate and transportation time of these special needs trains are greatly reduced.
Take Hefei to Urumqi special needs to be listed as an example, according to Hefei freight center deputy director fee director, in the past from Hefei to Urumqi transport time up to 7 days to 10 days, but now the special needs of the train only 60 hours can be served. Due to the door-to-door logistics service agreement signed by China Railway and Haier Group, the logistics component of the delivery and delivery of goods is also the responsibility of the company. If the logistics time of these two sections is added, the logistics of the company will be limited to 7 days.
In addition to the advantages of timeliness, according to Shengguowei, the special train freight rate provided by the iron company will float the standard road freight rate, which will generally be slightly lower than the road freight rate, which can help companies reduce the total logistics costs..
The reporter learned that the two sides in March this year Haier electrical special need to train pilot, mid-April pilot effect is quite good, so the China railway and Haier group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will consolidate the content of cooperation. Since then, the home appliance cost logistics business from Haier Hefei Base to Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Urumqi, and Qingdao Base to Shenyang, Changchun, and Harbin will be spread across the board. China Railway General said that the next step will further strive to carry out the logistics business in other production bases of Haier Group and expand the scale of cooperation between the two sides.
The railway company attached great importance to the "total to total" logistics service model. Sheng Guangzu personally went to Qingdao Haier headquarters to sign a contract. This is the first time that Sheng Guangzu has been the general manager of the railway company and has visited non-resource enterprises for visits and exchanges. Take the initiative to obtain orders. This shift in attitude has brought the iron boss's mentality closer to the market.
New mode of public rail transport
The railway company hopes that this cooperation will have a demonstration effect. The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Department of the railway head office told reporters that the railway head office will demonstrate its cooperation with the Haier Group and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with large and medium-sized home appliance enterprises in transportation, storage, and distribution through the "general" method. We will work hard to improve the efficiency of logistics operations, expand the scope of logistics cooperation, enrich the content of logistics services, and effectively control logistics costs.
It is reported that while expanding cooperation with Haier Group, China Railway plans to promote similar logistics cooperation with other large home appliance companies in areas where the production of home appliances is concentrated, such as Hefei and Wuhu, and then expand to multi-commodity logistics service brands. The need for special trains will also be the beginning of the "total to total" cooperation model between China Railways and large companies at home and abroad.
The iron general also has high hopes for this, hoping to greatly increase the proportion of white goods(high value-added goods such as clothing, paper products, and electronic products). In order to reverse the decline of black goods(coal, steel and other commodities) and continue to drag the overall cargo situation.
The reporter learned from China Railway Corporation that in the first quarter of this year, 788.01 million tons of railway goods were delivered nationwide, a further 82 million tons less than the same period last year, a 9.43 % decrease from the same period last year. The decrease is mainly due to the more serious decline in the volume of transportation of large quantities of coal, steel and other materials. Compared with this, white goods transportation has increased its strength.

It is reported that in the first quarter of this year, 58 million tons of bulk cargo was delivered, an increase of 12.861 million tons and an increase of 28.5 %. Among them, 27.235 million tons of containers were completed, an increase of 7.262 million tons year-on-year, an increase of 36.4 %; The batch express delivery was 25.283 million tons, an increase of 6.083 million tons and an increase of 31.7 %. After entering April, the increase in white goods was even more pronounced. As of April 10, the average daily load of containers was 8,859 vehicles, an increase of 2,523 vehicles, an increase of 39.8 %, and the average daily delivery of sporadic goods was 119,000 tons, an increase of 93.7 %.
It is reported that the main body of this strategic cooperation is the Nisei Logistics under the Haier Group and the China Railway Express under the China Railway Corporation. The advantage of the main line of the China Railway Express and the difference advantage of the last kilometer of Nisei Logistics will comprehensively improve the entire process. Logistics efficiency. This is also the first cooperation attempt between the road express and the railway express leader brand. Zhouyunjie, the rotating president of Haier Group, said that the two sides will achieve a comprehensive connection between the road network and the railway network, create a new model of "public rail transport", and will also accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, which can be regarded as a model for the linkage between the two industries.
Zhouyunjie believes that the advantages of the railway company are mainly focused on the capacity and distribution range, and it has great competitiveness in expanding the logistics field.
Rishun Logistics has 100 TC libraries, 6,000 large pieces of HUB libraries, 5 million square meters of storage space, and a powerful smart logistics IT platform to ensure that users can enjoy Rishun Logistics wherever they are. The differentiated services that can not be reached and delivered. This is also one of the main reasons why China Railway Corporation chose to hold hands with Japan-Japan Logistics. Together, the two are to combine domestic land advantage transportation resources to bring users the best experience of logistics services.
The "total to total" model has received much attention
"The modern logistics model should be a light asset model. "Yangdaqing, a special researcher of the China Logistics Society, believes that China Railway's general logistics operators are clearly positioned and will inevitably extend upstream and downstream of the supply chain in the future. If everything is done by themselves, it will be too burdensome, and the iron company's own debt pressure is already very large. In addition to the core resources, we seek extensive third-party logistics cooperation to jointly do a good job of landing and terminal transportation markets to enhance our competitiveness.
As for the market demand, the reporter again consulted the relevant person in charge of the transportation Bureau of the China Railway General Corporation on the 18th. The person told the reporter that at present, the companies that China Railway is talking about and interested in are mainly manufacturing and manufacturing. These companies are basically All are national and even global companies. The production base is widely distributed and the logistics layout is relatively complex. It requires cross-regional and networked logistics solutions. These companies will give priority to negotiating special needs services or in-depth strategic cooperation agreements with China Railway. He suggested that regional companies can first communicate with the 18 railway bureaus of the General Railways or communicate with the China Railway Express. The person in charge also welcomes the willingness of logistics companies to cooperate.
The reporter learned that at present, there is a certain amount of cargo required for the special needs train. A special need train generally carries 21 40TEU containers. Each box has a volume of about 48 cubic meters, and each column requires a minimum of 1,000 cubic meters or more. The quantity of cargo.
"In fact, there is no requirement for the amount of goods. You can talk about the details. "The above-mentioned China Railway Master Road.

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