Logistics alone is no longer enough to satisfy HNA's ambitions. The global supply chain is the ultim

HNA has gone overseas again to "sweep up" the goods. Just four days after the announcement of the acquisition of high-end property in Midtown, New York, HNA again took a $1.5 billion cash purchase of Swiss aviation catering company Jiamei Group.
HNA has gone overseas again to "sweep up" the goods. Just four days after the announcement of the acquisition of high-end property in Midtown, New York, HNA again took a $1.5 billion cash purchase of Swiss aviation catering company Jiamei Group.
On April 11, HNA and GategroupHolding AG issued an announcement that HNA's offer to buy Game at a price of 53 Swiss francs per share was unanimously endorsed by its board.
Jiamei is a Swiss-based aviation catering and hotel and aircraft supplier. It has business in more than 100 locations in 30 countries on six continents and employs about 22,000 people. Tanxiangdong, HNA's president, said the acquisition would make it "an undisputed leading restaurant provider". HNA plans to pull Jamey out of the Swiss stock exchange after the deal is completed, and it will become an independent business company of HNA. The company's headquarters remain in Switzerland and are managed by its current leadership team.
The deal also needs to be approved by 67 % of the board's shareholders, according to the company's announcement. The details of the deal will be released on May 11, one month later, between May 27 and June 23, and the final results will be announced on July 13.
Merger and acquisition assets reached 17 billion U.S. dollars in the past year
The value of HNA's mergers and acquisitions assets around the world has reached at least $17bn over the past year, according to Bloomberg. In February 2016, HNA acquired IngramMicro, the world's largest provider of technology products and supply chain services, for $6bn.
Yingmai ranked 256th in the 2014 Fortune Global 500 and 69th in the US 500. The acquisition of Inme will obviously upgrade HNA's logistics management system to make HNA's existing management more scientific and efficient. On the other hand, the layout of Inme's business in North America and Europe will also enhance the expansion of HNA's overseas business network, especially the United States. Inme's business in North America accounted for 43 % of its revenues in 2014, while Chinese companies have been struggling to open up the U.S. market, and the acquisition of inme will be an outpost for haihang to grab the U.S. market.
In July 2015, HNA acquired Swisport Group, the world's largest ground service and cargo agent based in Switzerland, for 2.73 billion Swiss francs(RMB 17.5 billion).
Keep your head fixed.
Swisport operates in more than 270 airports in 48 countries on 5 continents. It serves 224 million passengers and 4.1 million tons of goods each year, and has more than 700 customers and about 60,000 employees. Its annual income is about 3 billion Swiss francs.
HNA Group has a total of five major industrial sectors, namely aviation, industry, finance, tourism and logistics. However, from this transaction, the ambition of HNA seems to be far more than logistics. Even the future HNA may not have a logistics section, but instead it will be a supply chain section.
HNA has acquired several foreign airlines in recent years, including France, Brazil, South Africa and so on. Last year, Swisport, the world's largest air ground and cargo service provider, was acquired to build a strong global logistics system. At the same time, HNA also has a comprehensive freight channel and warehouse in the country, which can be described as a mature logistics network.
Behind "buy buy buy" is the ambition of global supply chains
However, after all, logistics is only a part of trade. HNA sits on a large number of plate resources. Simple logistics obviously can not meet HNA's ambitions.
What HNA needs to do is to wrap up the entire supply chain in international trade. To this end, HNA has established its own international trading company. The following is an introduction from the official website of HNA International Trade Corporation: HNA International Trade Co., Ltd. relies on Yuhaihang's own advantages such as international logistics, domestic cross-border e-commerce bonded storage and efficient customs clearance capabilities. Through the global procurement network, we carry out direct sourcing in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, focusing on building supply chain service capabilities that combine cross-border commodity procurement and sales with international transportation. The aim is to provide domestic e-commerce enterprises with comprehensive cross-border e-commerce solutions. In terms of supply services, it focuses on four major categories of mother and child, individual care, health care, and fashion products. It has more than 5,000 international brand supplier resources and SKU reserves of more than 150,000. Customized solutions can be provided according to the needs of partners.
In this way, the benefits of HNA's global "buy and buy" are not only in the field of logistics, but in order to reach one hand to the source, the other hand to the downstream dealer, and then use its own global freight network. Contract the entire foreign trade supply chain.
Of course, these sources and dealers are global in size. By extending the industrial chain, Hina will not only reach for more profitable distribution, but also integrate and optimize the entire supply chain and provide a variety of bridge-type services, such as using its own strong financial support to carry out logistics finance.

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